Hands folded in prayer

Prayer For Coronavirus (From Fear, Sickness, Anxiety)

God has the power to fight your battles and give you victory. He can remove fear, protect you, and speak peace into your life. After you say this prayer for coronavirus, pause and reflect on God’s Word. Be confident in him and let his ease your anxiety. Remember, he will fight for you! (Exodus 14:4)

Use this coronavirus prayer as a prayer prompt for when you can’t seem to find the words to pray. If you want to add to it, or keep going at the end, then do so. This is just to get you started. Be sensitive to the Spirit and make this prayer your own. He wants to hear from you!

Let’s begin.

Hands folded in prayer

Prayer for Coronavirus

Dear Lord,

Thank you for your all-powerful hand of protection that is always at work in my life.

There is so much fear growing around us right now, Lord; fear about the coronavirus spreading and causing more illness and deaths.

I ask that you keep my heart from fear. In Isaiah 41:10 you state, “Fear thou not, for I am with thee.” Help me to remember the confidence I have in you.

Also, let me keep 1 Timothy 1:7 at the forefront of my mind, where it says that you have not given me the spirit of fear, but rather of POWER, LOVE, and a SOUND MIND. Help me to think rationally and not make decisions based on fear. Give me wisdom, discretion, and understanding.

I pray Proverbs 2:11 today, that you will give us the discretion and understanding we need as we navigate sickness, whether it be the coronavirus or anything else.

Help us to manage our emotions and reactions, while leading us into making wise choices about preparing for the possibility of more widespread effects. Show us what is prudent to do to prepare for this possibility. Also, help me to remember that just because there is a possibility, it doesn’t mean it is a probability. There is a difference between the two.

I pray for world leaders. Help them to work together during this time to fight the coronavirus and it’s effects on families, businesses, and the global economy. Help them to contain the virus and eradicate it.

Give our nation’s leaders wisdom as well. Show them the steps they need to take to fight this virus on a national level. Help them to stay strong and healthy. Let their hands be your hands at work. Move through them and lead them into making right choices for our country. Help them to make clear decisions rather than reacting out of panic or fear.

I pray for our medical teams, doctors, nurses, and all who are the frontlines of this crisis. Protect them from contracting any sort of sickness during this time, especially those who are working with the quarantined patients. Give them divine strength. Boost their immune systems. Show them compassion and help them show compassion to their patients.

Lord, let the school systems know how to properly clean and sanitize their buildings. Protect our children from passing around germs. If it becomes necessary to close schools, let the administration do it quickly and with the support of their communities.

Help the elderly and immune-comprised be especially cautious and vigilant right now. Give divine strength to their bodies to ward off and fight off infections during this season.

I also pray for those who are currently sick with the virus. I’m sure this is a very scary time for them and their families. Give them your strength during this time of weakness. I speak healing and peace over them today. You are their healer, Lord. All life comes from you! Give them peace and comfort. Give their bodies the ability to fight the virus and recover quickly. Keep it contained so they don’t pass it along to the people they love.

And, Lord, if any of us must walk to path of sickness, then help us to trust that you will bring us through. Regardless of what happens to us or around us, you are a good God. You are faithful. You understand all things and have a plan that is bigger than anything we can comprehend. I know you are able to heal our bodies and deliver us from sickness, but if you choose not to do it on our timetable or in the way we want, you are still my God. I will trust you. You are working for our good. You are God, and I am not. I can rest in knowing that I’m your child. You are fighting for me.

Thank you for walking with me and not leaving me alone. Help me to continually trust you. You are my protector and defender. You’ve given me a peace that passes all understanding. Help me to think clearly and walk confidently.

Ease any anxiety that I have and let me rest in you today.

In Jesus name, amen.


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4 thoughts on “Prayer For Coronavirus (From Fear, Sickness, Anxiety)”

  1. I believe God and Jesus are protecting me right now from the Corona viruis and he is always with me 24hours aday and he will always protect me from everything amen

  2. I found out about my son. Was sick with corona virus and we prayed for him the next day my son was better he was sick but better.Two weeks now He’s better.Thank God!


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